Guillaume Prévost

Software engineering masters with 9 years of experience. Founder and CTO of 2 start-ups for 4 years.


2020-Present ‒ Co-founder & CTO at Storybee


Creation and direction of a company helping entrepreneurs and small business owners transmitting their business, assets, know-how and innovation they created to others willing to keep it going.
2020 - Created the company, designed and built a full web application with algorithms to estimate the value of businesses, a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers, and all the tools to help transmission be as simple and affordable as ever.
Project supported by the French Tech and BPI France.

Technologies : TypeScript, JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML, SASS, CSS
Frameworks & APIs : VueJS, Nuxt, Google Cloud, Firebase, Stripe, Google APIs

2020 ‒ Interim CTO at Fairily


Direction of technology at a new e-commerce start-up for 4 months. Fairily provides access to unique luxury and lifestyle items and limited series from French creators using an offering system similar to blind auctions.
Surveyed the requirements and market with the CEO, defined required features and the software design to support them, and built the minimum viable product from the ground up alongside a UX designer.

Technologies : TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, SASS, CSS
Frameworks & APIs : VueJS, Nuxt, Firebase, Stripe

2017-2020 ‒ Co-founder & CTO at Friend Theory / Nido

Friend Theory / Nido

Creation and direction of a start-up facilitating travel experiences and accommodation between friends of friends.
2017 – constructed alone an API and website which quickly grew to 20k users.
2018 – built and managed a 5 people agile product team, developed mobile application and improved infrastructure.
2019 – transformation of the solution into a growing social network / communication tool for student groups.

Technologies : Java, Neo4J, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes
Frameworks & APIs : Spring Boot, Firebase, Twilio, MapBox

2016-2017 ‒ Technical Officer eResearch at RMIT University

RMIT University

1 year full-time work at the eResearch office and AICAUSE research centre at RMIT University.
Research, architecture and development based on a previous architecture imagined in 2014 to lift up a previous toolkit into a generic, cloud-based and data-backed platform. It is aimed for archived or real-time data visualisation, story-telling and risk assessment, bringing data from various sources.
Oriented initially for research data visualisation, analysis and presentation, the platform also provides probabilistic risk assessment components that are of interest for automated manufacturing industry partners.

Technologies : Java, Python, HTML5, JS, SASS, Docker, AWS, Cloud
Frameworks & APIs : Spring Boot

2012-2014 ‒ Technical Officer eResearch at RMIT University

RMIT University

1.5 year full-time work at the eResearch office of RMIT University.
Designed and developed an online decision-support toolkit for climate change adaptation aimed to the Australian seaports. Project developed in collaboration with climate change adaptation experts and researchers at the U.N. Global Cities Program.
Successful project, fully accepted in 2013 by the funding organism ANDS, and extended to the South Pacific area in 2014 through a USAID grant.
Research in distributed computing and data flow visualization: design of a multi-model evaluation and visualization in the cloud architecture with Pr. Heinrich Schmidt.

Technologies : Java, Graph databases, Neo4J, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, RIF-CS
Frameworks & APIs : Spring Boot, D3.js, Bootstrap

2011-2012 ‒ Executive software engineer at Atos Worldgrid

Atos Worldgrid

10 months full-time work in Pau (France) at AtoS Worldgrid, a multinational IT services company.
Designed and developed an Oil & Gas fields monitoring application for Total EP. Successful project using C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC and SharePoint technologies, now deployed on offshore fields in Africa.

Technologies : C#, ASP.NET
Frameworks & APIs : SharePoint, Osisoft PI and AF

2010-2012 ‒ Leader of end-of-master project at Epitech


Managed a team of 8 developers to accomplish a 2 years long end-of-study project at Epitech.
This augmented reality application, based on C#.NET and WPF technologies, displays virtual items over reality using glasses. It has been presented to the 2012 Microsoft’s French Imagine Cup and an Innovation symposium at Airbus in Toulouse.

Technologies : C#, .NET, Computer Vision, VR, AR
Frameworks & APIs : Vuzix

2010-2011 ‒ Research Assistant at RMIT University

RMIT University

8 months part-time work on an Artificial Intelligence research project in the Agent group of RMIT University.
Designed and developed an intelligent system based on Java, helping organizations assessing and improving their sustainability. As part of the U.N. Global Cities program, this project was in partnership with Fuji-Xerox, the City of Melbourne, Microsoft, etc.

Technologies : Java, Agent-oriented programming, Prometheus methodology, RDF
Frameworks & APIs : GORITE Framework

2009 ‒ Web developer intern at Nematis


4 months training period at Nematis, a web agency and audit company in Perpignan, France.
Created and enhanced many websites using a company-made PHP framework and various third party CMS.

Technologies : PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS
Frameworks & APIs : Drupal, Wordpress

2008 ‒ Web developer intern at Cynetic


3 months training period at Cynetic, a web development company in Pau, France.
I created a PHP framework to ease the creation of several websites for the company and developed websites using it.

Technologies : PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS


Information Technologies Skills

  • Programming languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Dart, Java, C, C++, C#.
  • Software architecture: object-oriented programming, UML, design patterns, algorithms, MVC, MVVM, hexagonale, DDD.
  • Web Development: VueJS, Nuxt, NodeJS, APIs, Express, Firebase, REST, HTML/CSS.
  • Mobile Development: Android/iOS hybrid apps, Flutter, Ionic/Cordova, Progressive Web Apps.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, neural networks, agent-oriented programming, intelligent web systems.
  • Cloud: big data, high-performance computing, cloud computing, AWS, Google Cloud.
  • Databases: relational and graph databases (SQL, MongoDB, Neo4J, NoSQL, RDF, XML, JSON), blockchains.

Other Professionnal Skills

  • Project Management: Agile, Scrum, SDLC, risks assessment, project planning and management, risk assessment.
  • Communication: Remote team management, client relationship, presentation, pitches.
  • Quality Assurance: security, performance, software testing, software QA.
  • Technical writing Assurance: specifications, documentation, reporting.

Other Skills

  • UI/UX: user experience, product design, ergonomics, accessibility, data visualisation.
  • SEO: on-page SEO, semantic cocoon, copywriting.
  • PM & versionning tools: Git, Jira, MS Teams, Trello, Notion, SVN, MS Project.
  • Office & design tools: MS Office Suite, GSuite, Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Sony Vegas.


  • French: native language.
  • English: bilingual, 7 years in Australia.
  • Spanish: good working knowledge.


2016Machine Learning Stanford course online on Coursera

2009-2012Master degree in Software Engineering at European Institute of Technology (Epitech) in Toulouse, France.

2010-2011Study abroad program at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia.

2007-2009Analyst/Developer diploma obtained at eXia CESI, IT engineering school in Pau, France (2 years).

2007A-levels (Baccalauréat scientifique) obtained at Lycée Louis Barthou, in Pau, France. Main subjects: mathematics, physics, biology.


January 2023 ‒ Jury of Epitech Experience, end-of-study projects competition (Toulouse).

June 2022 ‒ Mentor Techstars Startup Weekend (Hackathon Perpignan).

February 2018 ‒ AUSTERN Certificate of Excellence for investing in millennials leadership.

October 2017 ‒ 1st place at the Smart Cities Blockchain Hackathon hosted in RMIT University, Australia.

February 2013 ‒ Mentoring of a developer group for the International Women Hackathon hosted in Melbourne University, Australia.

March 2013 ‒ 2nd place at the Microsoft's Appfest coding competition for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure applications, with the application Instantram.

March 2013 ‒ February 2013 ‒ 2nd place in Australia and 7th place worldwide in the "Galactic Impact" category at the NASA International Space Apps Challenge coding competition for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure applications, with the application with the application Catch a Meteor.


  • Hiking
  • Surfing
  • Skiing
  • Canyoning
  • Rock-climbing
  • American Football
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Traveling
  • Photography
  • History
  • Music
  • Space exploration
  • New Technologies